Building IT labs in schools

In West Africa, IT is a compulsory part of the curriculum of Junior High Schools. AGAG wants to contribute to this. Many schools are not yet able to comply with this. For this reason, AGAG offers Junior High Schools an integrated solution:

  • IT lab / classroom with computers
  • IT basic skills training for both teachers and children
  • Didactic training for teachers on multimedia in the classroom
  • Educational software for everyone.

For further information about our project, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail

Donate ICT equipment

Companies or individuals can also donate their used computers for this project. It doesn’t matter whether you have small quantities or just one laptop or computer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everything moved online. However, some Junior High Schools don't even have computers for their students. Through this project we can make a difference! Your donation will help improve access to quality education in Junior High Schools. We collect the equipment in a professional way. After collecting the computer, we collaborate with data wiping company and clean all data on the devices. We collect desktops, screens, laptops, printers, smartphones, tablets and networking equipment (routers, servers). AGAG takes care of the collection, transport, refurbishment, and possible recycling costs as well as the subsequent reporting costs. But you can also support the project by donating financially to support the services.

If you wish to donate ICT equipment to AGAG Building IT labs in schools projects, please send a list to If we can, it takes about one week to organize the collection at your premises. For your financial donation, you can click on the link to donate to the project. Thank you for all your donations!