Empower women entrepreneurs and youthful Africans and instilling in them Godly values and integrity.

It is our purpose to empower women to excel in their area of gifting with the help of Information Technology. We believe that the young Africans are the future of Africa and do not want their talents to be wasted after graduation because of their social background or economical status. Our desire is to equip these students with the right knowledge and network to increase their chances on the job market. Our desire is for the students to reach a level of professionalism that satisfies international standards. AGAG actively supports high schools in Africa by providing them with much-needed donated IT equipment and the needed software.


‘When you learn you teach when you get you give’ – Maya Angelou

  • To implement our 2G (Give and Gain) principle in communities to help support each other in reaching their potentials.
  • To help work on the self-reliance together with the communities.


  • To impact the world through knowledge transfer.
  • To create a platform where knowledge, talent and opportunities come together.

We do this by

  1. Mobilizing volunteers from different organization to train young graduates from an underprivileged background to better their changes on the job market.
  2. Raising funds for to train young Africans.
  3. Supporting women entrepreneurs through microfinance projects for women, empowerment programs, and divers training to boost their businesses.
  4. Working together with different partners and organisations to support young Africans and women entrepreneurs.
  5. Organizing seminars where women are empowered.

Core Values