The Foundation

Africa is a continent full of opportunities, but unfortunately not for everyone.

Africa is the promising new continent for entrepreneurs: evermore countries have a relatively stable internal political situation, a growing middle class and good economic growth prospect. Simultaneously, the last decade has witnessed significant improvements in the general level of education across the continent. A growing number of people have secondary or vocational diplomas. Nevertheless, there are major challenges regarding the right materials and facilities to get the full potential out of Africa’s youth. After University, graduates from poor communities often face unemployment. Hence, years of dedicated study end in a life with little promise and unused talents.

That is one of the reasons why we have started Adom Give and Gain Foundation.

Adom Give and Gain foundation (AGAG) is a charitable non-profit organisation with four areas of impact:

  1. 1. Helping and supporting create prospective for young graduates with a poor social background lacking practicality and a strong network to participate in the economic growth in West Africa
  2. 2. Empowerment through knowledge transfer
  3. 3. Community care
  4. 4. Belonging and culture.

AGAG is an NGO with the objective to support underprivileged African youth and women through various activities. Our motto — “Each one reach one” — reflects the belief that anyone can be a philanthropist and give back to their community, regardless of means.

Our mission statement is ‘The power to create, change, empower and make a difference – it’s in our DNA!